Thursday, July 17, 2008

My other hobby...

About 4 years ago, I signed up for a basket class at Hill Institute in Northampton, MA. Our teacher, Karen Sullivan is such an inspiration. She is meticulous and is a wealth of information. Her class is the best. I look forward to each session with great anticipation.

This wall basket hangs in my bathroom and holds seasonal flowers.

I needed a basket to hold winter hats and mittens, so I made this rectangular basket with cut out handles made of copper pipe. I have another similar that I use as a magazine basket. I always have a use in mind before I begin a basket. I tend to gravitate toward larger, utilitarian baskets.

This 'shopping basket' is by far the most labor intensive basket. I spent over 8 hours weaving it. It's great for day trips, carrying extra clothing, blankets for picnics, or towels for the beach. I've made 4 and gave away 2 as gifts. I don't expect to make any more...too much work!!

I made a beautiful doll using a pattern by Sherry of Annie's Cupboards. She needed a special I made a round basket that I intended to hang on the wall so my dolly would have a special place to sit.


Denise * KKL Primitives said...

Joanne - your baskets are just lovely! Very nice work.

congrats ~~ your blog is very nice - I'm adding it to my blogroll.


Cindy said...

Beautiful baskets! I had no idea you made baskets too - such great talent!!!

Cindy said...

Wow and you can weave baskets too Joanne? What talent! they are SO beautiful!!!!

Raggedy Angel said...

I love your baskets,my mother used to make em to. Great blog! Beth

Anonymous said...

I sure would love to know how to make baskets! Great work!

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